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The Columbus Wallet is a multi-chain digital currency wallet that allows you to hold and move cryptographic forms of money from various blockchains.The Columbus project hopes to take care of these intrinsic issues related with Decentralized Finance and give clients a consistent and frictionless biological system where they can get to different monetary opportunities.The Columbus environment works on money and gives the clients basic stages where they can undoubtedly partake in the products of DeFi.


The Columbus Token Project is one of only a handful of exceptional stages that is devoted to resolving the issue of destitution. They offer monetary types of assistance to the individuals who are unbanked and help little undertakings in extending their span. The association, as well as offering zero-expense cash moves, attempts to make remote work accessible to each and every individual who needs it. Along these lines, they accept that the blockchain might be utilized to fuel a new, uncorrupted, and straightforward sort of good cause, permitting their partners to have more noteworthy impact over where their cash is spent. They additionally make it feasible for business visionaries to get underwriter and direct loaning.

Columbus NFT Marketplace:

Each stage in the Columbus Ecosystem is worked for individuals. However, the issue with a totally open commercial center is that it could think twice about quality assuming the NFTs facilitated available to be purchased or Auction.

To settle this, we have incorporated a democratic framework where CBS holders can not just decision on various parts of the stage yet in addition vote on each NFT posting. The votes and audits on the posting are gotten by the calculation, like how online media stages measure client commitment and elevate these NFTs to the landing page.

We accept that NFTs on a standard stage ought not be restricted to only a couple of huge players in the business. Regardless of whether you are an expert craftsman or a growing craftsman hoping to procure through their fine arts, Trotter’s Market allows you to sell and closeout your NFTs seamlessly.This entire cycle is administered by shrewd agreements implying that it is totally decentralized. When a client purchases a NFT for the craftsman’s posting page, the sum consequently gets added to the craftsman’s record equilibrium and they can guarantee their prizes straightforwardly to their web3 wallet.

Columbus Token Features:

Low Transaction Fee With Fast Speed:

Columbus Token is utilizing Binance smartchain and this stage is giving best answer for slow speed and high charge exchanges due to high traffic on smartchain. This blockage on network is the greatest defect and the more regrettable condition for little and retail clients who can’t bear so high expenses and furthermore sitting tight for long an ideal opportunity for exchange affirmation on blockchain will cost intensely in the event that there is abrupt value dump. Columbus Token stage is giving greater adaptability as the stage runs on BSC organization so it has greater adaptability and the NFT darlings can utilize the stage whenever and anyplace and can do exchanges with quick speed and with much low charges.

Immutability And Transparency:

Columbus Token stage is a decentralized environment and it works autonomously on blockchain. The outsider inclusion is completely avoided on the stage and the exchanges are executed on the smartchain of Columbus Token stage. The exchange is handled by creative smartchain and the information is put away on blockchain in blocks through hubs of the stage. The entire cycle is straightforward and the exchange which is executed on blockchain can not be returned. The handling is done in client’s record and the executed information is accessible in dispersed record on blockchain. That gives the guarantee of asset security as nobody can change or control the information. There are no secret charges or weighty commissions to pay for the execution of exchanges.

Trust Ecosystem:

Columbus Token platform is supporting NFTs on the platform and allowing users to create digital art works by using NFTs. The benefit with Columbus Token platform is that it is built on Binance smartchain and is providing a best option to operate freely on the platform since the transaction fees is very low and also users can operate anonymously on the platform while all the mutual trust for execution of the transaction is handled by the Columbus Token platform. Users are not forced to reveal their identities and they can transact freely without any fear of scam or manipulation.

Columbus Wallet:

Columbus WalletThe Columbus Wallet is a multi-chain digital currency wallet that allows you to hold and move cryptocurrency forms of money from various blockchains.Additionally, the wallet is a solitary passageway for clients to get to different Decentralized Applications (DeFi), and crypto-based monetary capacities without depending on numerous applications.The Columbus wallet allows clients to get to an assortment of DeFi administrations, including that of the Voyager DEX stage.

Exchange Listing:

Columbus Token is getting Listed on PancakeSwap on this December;

The PancakeSwap listing will come after the Presale ends in December 15 and will be an important station of the roadmap, followed by the Announcement of the Columbus Wallet and Voyager Dex platform.

In Public sale:

1 BNB = 242923529.412 CBS

After Listing on Pancakeswap:

1 BNB = 187713636.364


CBS is the ticker of local and administration badge of this developing stage. every one of the applications and conventions of the stage are very much supported and guaranteed by CBS token. the holders of this token are the partners of the stage and can procure different prizes and great interest pay by marking their tokens and furthermore by utilizing different yield cultivating uses of the stage.

Token Name & Symbol: COLUMBUS & CBS

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

Dev: 500,000,000,000 (5%)

Initial Market Cap: $1100000

Farm: 25%

Decimals: 18

Token Sale: 6,000,000,000,000 (60%)

Hard cap: $500,000

Soft cap: $200,000

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BitcoinTalk Username: ranahammad745

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WALLET ADDRESS: 0x41B7DF55A4fb0819D12c086A67Ea8483aF2CA044

New Decentralized, Community-backed IDO Platform forBinance Smart Chain (BSC) Projects.