#Introducing Polka Road, User Friendly Crosschain Exchange based on Binance Smart Chain and Solona Blockchain.

PolkaRoad is a NFT IDO Platform and Crosschain Exchange Between BSC Chain to Solana Chain in which user can trade and exchange there bep20 tokens into solanachain and trade there nfts.

The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space has become bigger and as a part of its growth, the industry needs smarter solutions for brand spanking new projects to boost funds, based a top-quality community, engage with the participants, and luxuriate in a smooth and successful launch.

Solana is a project dedicated to solving the blockchain trilemma. It wants to build a scalable network which is much faster than any existing blockchain, and even VISA.

As of mid 2021, Solana supports 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) and produces new blocks every 400 milliseconds with the help of 200 validating nodes. All while maintaining close to zero network fees.

Solana uses eight innovative technologies to achieve its goals, but in this guide we will touch on the two major ones — Proof of History and Turbine.

BSC’s demand has raised significantly mainly in light of the scalability, low fees, trusted leader (CZ) and a key player within the crypto industry. little question BSC has the potential to be a true competitor to Ethereum and that we are close to seeing an enormous flow of existing projects from other chains and particularly new projects to be built on BSC.

The average crypto user and new projects suffer challenges in new investment opportunities and establishing a project with a smart go-to-market strategy, and this is often where Polka Road involves you.

Polka Road is creating a leading-edge, user-friendly, and fair opportunity IDO platform for any participant within the crypto industry. a very easy-to-use platform, built by the highest brains entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketing specialists with proven capabilities in the Business to Customers (B2C) market. Each project reviewed by our team and must pass our due diligence procedures so as to supply a secure and compliant environment.

On the business side, Polka Road has partnered with key industry players so as to bring the right go-to-market strategy solution for brand spanking new projects with fully accompany in fundraising, top influencers supporters, documented advisors, marketing, and most vital — based a top-quality contributors community which support you in every social media, engagements tasks, initiatives and more.

The platform includes unique and secure features like quick listings, fast TGE algorithm to all or any participants, smart contract swaps, private pools secure by password, subscription, and whitelist for brand spanking new projects and IDO application page.

Polka Road is exciting with being a pioneer in our space and a true believer in the way forward for Web3, decentralization, and smart IDO solution for all sides.

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More details about our partners, supporters will be revealed as we progress. Stay tuned!

New Decentralized, Community-backed IDO Platform forBinance Smart Chain (BSC) Projects.