PayRue A Decentralized Financial Platform

What Is Payrue?

PayRue is a decentralized monetary stage that works trades, wallets, and moves with digital forms of money.

PayRue Ltd is enlisted at address second Floor, Heathmans House, 19 Heathmans Road, London, England, SW6 4TJ, UK.

PayRue empowers you to move, trade, and exchange monetary standards with a straightforward swipe of your cell phone’s screen.
PayRue improves on your entrance into the bitcoin market. With a solitary swipe, any sum can be moved, traded, or exchanged. PayRue’s entire usefulness is open through our multiwallet programming for iOS and Android gadgets.

PayRue is a multi-cash wallet that empowers you to move and get a wide assortment of cryptographic forms of money with a solitary swipe. You may securely move assets from your wallet to a trade or the other way around, which improves on exchanging for both experienced and beginner brokers.

PayRue is the world’s first cryptographic money wallet that makes digital currency trades simple than previously. You can securely move, trade, and exchange digital forms of money on your cell phone with a solitary swipe of your finger. PayRue’s exchanging customers and trade agents make it simple to buy, exchange, or recruit an assistance or item through the commercial center.

PayRue empowers you to trade, move, and exchange all significant cryptographic forms of money just as PayRue tokens straightforwardly from your cell phone. With a straightforward swipe of your finger across the application’s point of interaction, you can change over digital currency A (like ETH) to cryptographic money B (like BTC) inside the equivalent application.

PayRue are now excited to be live with PayRue DEX Wallet on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and Polygon.

Utilizing 0x Protocol, we are currently ready to offer a total decentralized and consistent simple choice for clients to make wallet, move and trade any tokens.

Important Features:

Control of private keys

Multi chain wallet

Instant Swap

Manage any tokens

View video here how to swap on PayRue DEX Wallet

Visit PayRue DEX Wallet page for more information

This will direct you to a better marking comprehension and Earn 10% in Propel every month or 120% APY
24th of July 2021
Marking can in basic words be depicted as method of procuring or being compensated tokens for doing a help, for example, give liquidity or lock up tokens.
PayRue reward liquidity suppliers with LP Tokens that is utilized to compute marking rewards while adding liquidity to Propel/BNB pools in PanCakeSwap and JulSwap.
PayRue DEX Wallet makes it exceptionally simple now for clients to add liquidity and procure LP tokens that you keep in PayRue DEX Wallet and consequently Earn 10% in Propel every month.

Download Payrue Wallet:

Download PayRue DEX Wallet here


  1. You need BNB and Propel available in your PayRue DEX Wallet
  2. Connect to JulSwap or PanCakeSwap with WalletConnect
  3. You got Add Liquidity in PanCakeSwap or JulSwap

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