PayRue A Decentralized Financial Platform

What Is Payrue?

PayRue is a decentralized monetary stage that works trades, wallets, and moves with digital forms of money.

DEX Wallet Of Payrue?

PayRue are now excited to be live with PayRue DEX Wallet on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and Polygon.

Utilizing 0x Protocol, we are currently ready to offer a total decentralized and consistent simple choice for clients to make wallet, move and trade any tokens.

Important Features:

Video Tutorials For Payrue Wallet:

View video here how to swap on PayRue DEX Wallet

Staking Of Propel:

This will direct you to a better marking comprehension and Earn 10% in Propel every month or 120% APY
24th of July 2021
Marking can in basic words be depicted as method of procuring or being compensated tokens for doing a help, for example, give liquidity or lock up tokens.
PayRue reward liquidity suppliers with LP Tokens that is utilized to compute marking rewards while adding liquidity to Propel/BNB pools in PanCakeSwap and JulSwap.
PayRue DEX Wallet makes it exceptionally simple now for clients to add liquidity and procure LP tokens that you keep in PayRue DEX Wallet and consequently Earn 10% in Propel every month.

  1. Connect to JulSwap or PanCakeSwap with WalletConnect
  2. You got Add Liquidity in PanCakeSwap or JulSwap

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