Solidus World First AI Technology Utility Token

What Is Solidus ?

Solidus AITECH is building an Eco Friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center and an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) stage where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs and Professionals will actually want to buy Artificial Intelligence benefits consistently through our AITECH token.Solidus AITECH Limited were set up in January 2021 as the Artificial Intelligence arm of the parent organization Solidus Technologies.Solidus AI Tech is a processing network made to convey figuring power among associations chipping away at complex AI projects that require registering power. Right now the greatest need is registering and we intend to give unrivaled figuring assets to Megacorps, Government specialists, SMEs and experts.

What Is TheUseCase Of Solidus?

Rather than taking ordinary over the counter medications… Medicine could be custom-made to your definite genome. Artificial intelligence calculations will empower specialists and medical clinics to all the more likely dissect information and redo their medical services to the qualities, climate and way of life of every tolerant. From diagnosing cerebrum growths to concluding which disease treatment will turn out best for an individual, AI is situated to drive the customized medication unrest.

Artificial intelligence instruments will search for designs related with malevolent programming and infections before they can take monstrous measures of data and cash.
Indispensable errands:

Ai aides can likewise assist with cutting yards, clean windows, and so forth Pondering that large number of more dull positions, AI can mechanize them.

AI might have the greatest effect sooner rather than later through independent vehicles. The thought is that we will move to independent vehicles in a couple of years, particularly driverless trains, which as of now rule the rails in European urban areas.

Observing Platform consequently finds the resources in the datacenter utilizing an exceptionally gotten convention which isn’t utilizing IP or MAC locations and contrasts their equipment and programming parts and 80 unique information hotspots for ongoing weakness cautions.

Each organization gadget in our Data Center (physical or virtual) will be overseen by the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform and associated with our extraordinarily planned firewalls that don’t utilize Internet Protocol (IP) and are not enrolled to the organization utilizing a MAC address.


Solidus AI TECH really token will be the AITECH token, a local Ethereum network token dependent on the ERC-20 convention, which permits its financial backers to wager their tokens and acquire rewards.
The symbolic will have a utility element that incorporates wagering to acquire rewards, lottery Air Drop where bettors will enter a lottery each quarter and the victors will get AITECH tokens, moreover, it will copy a level of the AITECH tokens used to purchase AI administrations through IaaS stage in a manner will give more worth to the token, and furthermore give various limits on administrations inside the stage.Solidus AITECH has invested critical energy into the tokenomics and token model. Accordingly, the token has been intended to reflect the accomplishment of the stage and to boost a solid biological system, uniting token holders and AI stage customers.



Referral Scheme:

At the point when a Referral purchases AITECH tokens utilizing your Referral code you will get 5% in AITECH tokens and your Referral will get a 1% reward of extra AITECH tokens.


Solidus Technologies established in December 2017

  • Pincent Masons Solicitors (SRA 471978) for our legal structure and documentation.
  • BlueWater Capital (FCA 789335 to Section 21) to approve our information memorandum.
  • Talbot Capital (FCA 489839) as our security trustee CrossbarFX (FCA 535761) as our receiving agent.



  • Submitted planning application to build the Data Centre.


  • Mining rigs installed in the secure facility.


  • Solidus Technologies Ltd. engaged with high net worth and sophisticated investors to raise funds.


  • Additional mining hardware installed and live in the secure facility.



  • We agreed to move forward with [building company] Building on hold because of cold weather.


  • Data centre build commenced.


  • Framework build.


  • All external design features installed.



  • Fire safety system installed and checked.


  • COVID-19 lockdown.


  • Microsoft Global partner.


  • €3.5m EU grant application submitted via our partners who €1.4m in place as part of the application.



  • Approval for €3m EU grant.


  • Covid-19 restrictions slowed the build project through staff restrictions, supply chain delays and a number of other factors.


  • Refinements made to all communication materials.


  • Whitepaper website go live and fund raising.


Founders Of Solidus:

Paul Farhi Founder & Head of UK Operations
Founder & Head of International Operations


Strategy and Ecosystem Advisor
Blockchain Technology Advisor



AITECH is a progressive venture that tends to quite possibly the most significant and future topic like AI. With consolidating this area so significant today with the innovation unrest through the blockchian, it plans to be a pillar in the entire digital money field and guarantee that man-made consciousness administrations and digital forms of money work inseparably, expecting a critical interest for its administrations dynamically, as both the blockchain and AI areas gain force.



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